Liz Uy finally reveals the father of her son, Raymond Racaza

Fashion icon and celebrity stylist Liz Uy finally introduces to the world the father of her baby Xavi!

The internet world was surprised when Liz Uy suddenly posted a photo of her son on her Instagram account. The netizens did not have any single idea that she was pregnant and has already given birth. When the photo was posted, everyone had the same question in mind: who is the father?

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Netizens have been speculating for months on who the father is. Some news sites have then reported that the father might be Raymond Racaza. Back then, the said entrepreneur was married to the doctor named Geraldine Zamora Racaza.

The situation stirred controversies on how did Liz Uy and Raymond Racaza’s relationship happen if the other was still bounded by the sacrament of marriage. It did not help that Geraldine was also posting cryptic messages on her social media accounts back then in response to this issue. However, the question remained unanswered, up until now.

Wait no more as Liz Uy finally revealed who the biological father of her son is.

Liz Uy’s partner and the father of her child is truly none other than the businessman and COO of the IT company, Xurpas, Raymond Racaza. In Liz’s exclusive interview with the pop culture section of Philippine Star, Supreme, she shared that she had known Raymond since May of 2016. She added that her celebrity friend, Isabelle Daza, introduced them to each other over a business meeting.

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Raymond is a graduate of computer engineering and is currently the president and COO of the company named Xurpas Incorporated. He is indeed great in his field as he had been awarded the Executive of the Year award in 2016 given by the Inernational Business Awards.

He is also business partners with Liz Uy’s celebrity friends. In fact, Raymond is the CEO of Xeleb Technologies Incorporated. Sixty-seven percent of the company is owned by Xurpas while the rest is shared by Erwan Heussaff, Anne Curtis, Isabelle Daza, and Kim Atienza. Xeleb focuses on creating applications related to celebrities.

Raymond sure knows how to keep himself busy. Aside from running his businesses, he also competes in triathlons. He has already established his name as a triathlete and has competed a number of times in the most angicipated Iron Man Competition.

True enough, Raymond has an ex-wife and that is Geraldine. She is one of the outstanding doctors in the medicine field. Raymond also shares a daughter with Geraldine.

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Source: GMA

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