KC Concepcion finally reveals the identity of the non-showbiz man she’s dating

KC Concepcion is one of the celebrities who is really open when it comes to her relationships. Most people have probably heard about the famous personalities she dated in showbiz. Her dating history goes down from Rico Blanco to Piolo Pascual.

Recently, people learned that the actress and performer is back on the dating scene. Fans were shocked after revealing the current status of her love life in an interview.

Aside from that, she posted a photo of a flower bouquet from the mystery guy. She even included a sweet caption under it. However, it took quite some time before this man was revealed to the public.

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KC finally fed our curious minds as soon as she revealed her current love interest’s identity. In her Instagram story, she shared an adorable video of them together. It turns out she is dating the non-showbiz foreigner Pierre Emmanuel Plassart.

Pierre is a 35-year-old director, writer and producer in California. No wonder she is currently on Los, Angeles for a vacation. As seen on her social media updates, KC is spending her vacation there.
It is not officially confirmed yet whether the two are currently in a romantic relationship or still in the dating phase.

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However, it seems like she is truly happy with her life right now. In an interview, she said that he makes her inspired. Even her family is in good terms with him.

Despite of being a foreigner, she pointed out that he is a Filipino at heart. This is one of the outstanding qualities he has.

Her fans expressed their support towards their relationship. They are happy to see her dating again after a few months since she got out from a relationship.

Earlier this year, KC announced her breakup with Azkals player Aly Borromeo. Both of them remained good friends afterwards.

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