Is Marian Rivera ready to pass the throne to Barbie Forteza?

The bright glare of spotlight in the showbiz industry can sometimes change a person. Every now and then, young celebrities reach their breakthroughs in the success of their projects, accompanied by the sudden rush of supporters that stand by their side as their name rises. It’s not unusual to see some personalities accustom to these situations by letting it get into their head, and a lot of times it does them more damage than good.

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However, GMA Network’s pride and joy Barbie Forteza, remained humble throughout her years in the industry. The young actress started her career in the show business back in 2009 where she made appearances in some of the most acclaimed GMA television shows. Marked as one of the best teen actresses of her generation, she slowly gained the respect and admiration of her co-actors and the public.

Barbie’s unparalleled talent in acting has also been recognized in many prestigious awards shows. She was named as the New Movie Actress of the Year in 26th PMPC Star Awards for Movies for her role in the film ‘Puntod,’ and Best Supporting Actress in both the Cinemalaya Awards and 38th Gawad Urian Awards for her acting in the film ‘Mariquina.’

It is not surprising when the the young actress was then branded as the ‘Primetime Princess’ of GMA Network for the stellar performances she delivers in every project she does. All the television shows where she was featured as the lead actress obtained successful ratings as well as the primetime viewers’ love and approval.

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Flattered, Barbie had nothing to say but words of thankfulness and humility. “I’m not claiming anything, but I’m very happy kung iyon ang tawag nila sa akin,” the actress replied. She also revealed her motivation in performing excellently as an actress, “Lahat naman tayo nagtatrabaho para ma-acknowledge [o] ma-recognize. Kung deserve ko man [ang title], maraming salamat. Kung kunin ng iba, okay lang din, walang problema.”

The fact that the title is given to her by none other than Marian Rivera, the Primetime Queen of GMA, is a cherry on top of this delicious achievement. In a past interview, Marian shared her admiration for the actress’ versatility in everything she does.

“Actually, ang nakikitaan ko talaga na sinasabi ko, tuwing magkasama kaming dalawa, si Barbie talaga,” was the Primetime Queen Marian Rivera reply when asked who among the young actresses today has the potential to dethrone her.

Barbie has remained modest in the midst of her huge success, and maybe that is the reason why her consistent climb to the top is unstoppable.

Do you believe Barbie deserves to be called the Primetime Princess? Let us know in the comments section!

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