You Will Be Amazed At How South Koreans Support Filmmaking, As Observed By Actor Mon Confiado!

Our film cinema reflects the sorry state of the country that we are in. They say that when the country is booming, then all of its produce whether in its goods, its citizens, its economy, and its culture is already progressing well. This could be related to several factors, such as the lack of money and resources to produce a good film, but mostly, it also goes back to the lack or minimal support that our government is giving the filmmaking industry.

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Many of our filmmakers resort to giving their personal money just to make their passion films and make sure that they will be screened. They also join a lot of contests that give funds but still it is limited and must adhere to the requirements which also limit a filmmakers body of work and their imagination.

Although there have been improvements in the amount of local films produced each year, and some support from the industry itself. It still could do a lot better with the government’s hopefully.

This is what actor Mon Confiado while he is currently doing work for a Korean film. He realized how hugely the South Korean government supports its filmmaking industry. According to Mon, there is a screen quota which requires theaters there to screen local films for 146 days each year. There is also a South Korean Film Council which protects the rights of all local films and filmmakers.

There are also International Film Festivals that caters to new filmmakers and innovative film ideas to encourage more South Koreans to dabble in the field of filmmaking. There is also more liberal censorship, for the government believes in art imitates life and trusts its filmmakers that they’ll do films that might have a sensitive topic but overall, it still needs to cater to audiences. To open up their sensibilities to new possibilities and stories.

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Of course, there is a sufficient funding given to the filmmakers so that they’ll be able to produce their works and also be able to showcase more of the South Korean talent and culture. Aside from that, people are taught filmmaking as early as elementary, developing awareness and appreciation for this form of art.

Mon also observed that there is no discrimination for the people working behind the scenes, they are paid and treated as well as the actors. He also saw that every province has a dedicated movie house so that no matter where one is, he or she can watch a Korean film in their local movie houses.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

Mon said in his post that he hopes the Philippines would also adapt these laws and reinforcements in our country. It might be far shot but there’s nothing impossible.. so let’s wait and hope for the better!

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