Lars Pacheco proved that she doesn’t only have the wits but also the face of a true beauty queen

The LGBT community in the Philippines have always strived for equal rights. Today, we can’t fully say that the country has a full acceptance towards them, but only has a very high level of tolerance. Unfortunately, there are still cases where some of these people still experience mistreatment from our fellow Filipino. But as time goes by, many of their members proved that they also deserve the love and respect from us. Lars Pacheco is one of the most prominent members of the LGBT today.
Aside from the comedian Vice Ganda, Lars also made her fellow LGBTs proud after she placed second on “Its Showtime’s Ms. Q and A.”

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Her name has been heard all over the social media after she captured the “madlang pipol” with her undeniably stunning features. From her fair skin to her woman-like physique, there’s no denying that she deserves the title that she has won.

ABS-CBN recently uploaded her unfiltered photos which surely thrilled her fans. Even without make-up, Lars looked stunning as she posed for her selfies. But aside from her captivating looks, she is also adored for her wits and grace. Even the “Unkabogable” star praised the young beauty, “Bukod sa ang talino mo, ‘di ba, gandang-ganda sila sa’yo.”

With regards to her personal life, many people gushed after knowing that she is currently in a relationship with her equally attractive boyfriend, Gino Monreal Hinolan. Surprisingly he is also the master behind Lars’ stunning makeup looks.

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This inspiring couple supports each other with their careers. Although there are still people who criticize their relationship, Lars and Gino will still continue to inspire us with their romance. Photos and videos of the two can be seen on their social media accounts and will definitely bring butterflies in our tummy.

Source: ABS-CBN

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