LOOK: Who is Nash Aguas’ special someone?

Watching child stars you’ve known for years grow up into teenagers with more serious roles will make you nostalgic. It’s even more shocking to find out that the children you watched in Goin’ Bulilit are now getting into relationships with each other. But we love nothing more than finding out who is dating who in the showbiz industry, do we?

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That’s why it broke the internet when Nash Aguas admitted that he is courting someone now. In an episode of the Sunday late night talk show, ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’, Nash was put on the hot seat as the TV host-comedian asked the dreaded question: how is your love life right now, Nash?

Together with his fellow young actors Joshua Garcia and Jerome Ponce, they played the show’s game ‘Guilty or Not Guilty’ where they have to smile to signify if they’re ‘guilty’ and keep a straight face if they’re not. The three were asked if they still contact their ex-girlfriends, and as the youngest of the bunch, Vice had to ask Nash if he had an ex-girlfriend to which the actor said yes.

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But Vice Ganda didn’t stop at that question, he probed further and quizzed Nash if he has a girlfriend right now. Nash was quick to answer the question by saying he is still technically single, but is making a move on someone special. Of course, Vice pried deeper with the help of Joshua and Jerome until it was revealed that Nash is actually courting an ex-Kapamilya star, much to the audience’s surprise and excitement.

Since then, many fans have come up with guesses on who this ex-Kapamilya actress is. The most popular one, and the most viable in their opinion, is Mika dela Cruz. Mika started as a child star in ABS-CBN in the show Goin’ Bulilit, and it can be remembered that before she transferred to GMA, the two are part of the same group in the Kapamilya network.

This revelation received mixed reactions from the supporters of the two young celebrities. Some even claimed that they’re already dating, and some denies the validity of these claims. Fans of Nashlene and Nlex, two loveteams where Nash is partnered with Sharlene San Pedro, and Alex Ilaca respectively, wishes that the rumors are false.

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However, there were a lot of netizens who were ecstatic to find out if Mika and Nash are really an item. They even pointed out some pictures where the two can be seen close to each other. Official confirmations aside, we can’t deny that Mika and Nash would look good together as a couple.

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