LOOK: Has John Lloyd Cruz lost his charm?

It’s a common fact that celebrities, no matter what industry they’re known for, has an obligation to “look good for the fans.” Strange as it is, their charm and attractiveness are the reason why people turn their heads to look at them. You can assume that these stars’ heart-stopping faces and physiques are key factors into their success in the showbiz industry.

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That’s why many actors and actresses go to great lengths to keep their appearances likeable to suit the public’s taste. It’s as if their main job is to make sure the people won’t get tired of how they look. And so they maintain strict workout regimens, healthy meal plans, skin and surgical treatments, and many more practices to keep their celebrity-like glow despite their tight schedule.

We can even say that most times, their topnotch looks pave their way to stardom. When all eyes are on you, it’s truly easier to build a career that will last. This is how John Lloyd Cruz captured the love and admiration of the entire country. His boy-next-door charm captivated thousands to millions of Filipinos, and with his exceptional talent in acting, he became one of the household names in Philippine showbiz industry.

Throughout the peak of his career, John Lloyd made notable and record-breaking films and shows. A charming, laid-back, good-looking guy? People are in love with him. And once he starts channeling his charisma and talent on-screen, no one can stop him.

John Lloyd had reached many heights and achievements in the entertainment industry. Maybe that’s why he decided to take a break from the limelight indefinitely. Fans of the actor are definitely saddened by this news, but they wished nothing but happiness for the actor.

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However, a photo of the actor that was recently uploaded created a huge buzz online, generating mixed reactions from people. The ‘cool guy’ we’ve known for a long time, seems to have lost his charm. It can be remembered that John Lloyd and her partner Ellen Adarna were seen living an extremely simple life in the past few months.

In the photo, John Lloyd is casually hanging out with friends. It can’t be denied that the actor have gone through drastic changes, physically. Some of comments said, “Ay wala… tumanda na ang itsura,” “Yung ibang actors pag naging daddy o nagkaanak mas nagiging yummy. Anyare dito kay JLC?”

Some netizens were quick to defend John Lloyd with replies such as, “Maybe he wants a quiet life now kasi natamasa na niya lahat ang kaniyang tagumpay sa mundo ng showbiz,” “…I’m sure the talent within, is still there.”

Whatever the public says about how he lives his life, John Lloyd Cruz remains to be one of the top stars of our country. His acting prowess will be his legacy. Taking a break or not, we wish for the actor’s health and happiness.

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