Kathryn Bernardo hugs fans during concert at Market Market

Let’s face it: celebrities are often thought of as snobs. Fans are usually hesitant to approach their favorite celebs for fear of getting rejected or getting shooed away by overprotective bodyguards. However, every once in a while, a star comes along who genuinely welcomes each and every single one of their fans despite the tight security. One such actress is Kathryn Bernardo.

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During a mini-concert held at the Market Market mall, the Queen of Hearts was in the middle of talking to her audience when a woman in red suddenly jumped up on stage to hug the actress. Instead of pushing the fan away, Kathryn returned the hug, prompting other fans to climb up to the stage to try and do the same. Unfortunately, security had to step in to ask them to get off the stage.

Still, the Queen of Hearts remained unfazed. Armed with a smile, she went on with the show, thanking her fans for their undying support.

Here are some comments from netizens.

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“from this video, she didn’t push the girl away. she’s on the mic singing so u don’t expect her to stop & start chatting with this fan. in fact she appreciated the hug, she even embraced her too. if u see it in a different way, that’s because u see through ur anus & not wit ur eyes”

“ang bait talaga ni ate kath.Nakita ko na yan sa personal sobrang bait si kuya dj lang hindi pero naintindihan naman namin sya”

“Hindi ako fan ni Kathryn, pero sa mga negative comments dito clear naman guys na kahit nasaktan siya eh maganda pa rin yung ginawa niya sa fan na yon. No hate”

“it is not the full video. kahit nasaktan sya,niyakap parin nya un fan. gusto parin nya iapproach un fan after kunin ng marshalls kaso nilayo na, sabi pa nya sandali sandali lang. nagsorry pa sya sa fan kahit sya ang nasaktan. so kind hearted and true. Kathryn is genuinely kind to her fans and as a person”

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Truly, Kathryn Bernardo is what many celebs should aspire to be – warm and welcoming.

Source: YouTube

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