Man Unexpectedly Sings Using The Microphone At The Counter of Jollibee

Many Filipinos are very fond of going to Jollibee to grab their favorite meals. It has been a staple go-to fast food resto for every occasion be that may a birthday or a party. With the tagline “Beeda ang saya!”, not only do customers get happy because of the food but also the atmosphere people create.

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One time, a random netizen named Charles Cereza went out with his friends to go grab lunch at Jollibee Daet in Daet, Camarines Norte. As they were queuing and waiting for their turn to order, they thought of something to do just to the sake of relieving their boredom. Charles recorded his friend as he approaches the countertop microphone used by the cashier to relay the order. He then started singing parts of the song “All My Life” using the microphone.

This is very unexpected thing to do in public that is why it is funny for some. Charles Cereza who was also the camera man could not hold in his laughter as his friend was singing in the public. Another person beside his friend was also laughing on what he was doing. What is even funnier is that the Jollibee crew did not stop him from what he was doing but instead carried on to their work. It might did lighten up the mood of the staff that is why they let him continue his singing.

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As Charles Cereze posted the video of his friend online, it gained a lot of views in just a short span of time. Nearly 2 million views, a lot of shares and comment from different parts of the Philippines. It was trending and entertaining that a lot of people commented that it “made their day”. Netizens were curious as to what was his friends name and it was later found out to be Timoner Jeffrey. Some say that what they did was rude some thought that they might just be drunk.

We Filipinos are creative when it comes to making other happy despite of a lot of problems our nation is facing right now. It is their way of lifting up the spirits of the Filipinos as they make them forget their problems for a while.

Living by their slogan, it truly is “Beeda ang saya” in Jollibee.

What do you think of this article? Did the video make you happy or did it make you laugh? Comment your thoughts below!

Watch the video below:

Un tropa nmin n mgnda ang boses s mic ng jolibee..kesa mic ng videoke..#plsshare#allmylifesong#jollibee daet

Posted by Charles Cereza on Friday, August 17, 2018

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