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Child Complains About Pain In His Ear, A Centipede Crawls Out Of His Ear Moments Later

No matter which part of the world you live in, we can all say that mothers have innately educated all of us to keep ourselves tidy. As early as our toddler years, we are taught by our parents to learn how to do specific household chores.

From picking up our toys after using them to washing the dishes, even to neatening up our rooms after waking up, we have been trained to keep our surroundings clean. We might be a little hard headed in our younger years, not realizing the value of cleaning up, but as we grow older, we realize the importance of keeping our houses neat.

True enough, as we become mature adults, we get stressed by messy environment making it hard for us to focus and function well. Apart from that, we also learn the health benefits of being orderly. If we don’t do so, we face the consequences of a cluttered space.

A netizen parent learned this the hard way when her child started complaining about a pain in his ear. The child claimed that he felt something was moving inside it. The incident started after the child has slept in his own bedroom.

As responsible parents, they tried to get to the bottom of what was causing the child’s pain. They used some medical drops that would help soothe the pain, but it wasn’t much help. Nothing came out of the child’s ear, so they thought that it was just some minor pain.

The pain somehow subsided but after a while, the child started complaining again so everyone was worried. A few more drops of the fluid and they finally figured out what it was.

A few moments later, everyone in the house was extremely shocked to find out what was causing their child’s discomfort. To everyone’s surprise, a small centipede, brownish in color, started crawling out of the child’s ear.

How could a centipede be resting inside of the child’s ear? As we all know, though centipedes are small, they have potential to inflict harm on anyone with their venomous fluids.

It was a good thing that the parents paid attention to their child’s call for help. Otherwise, it could have led to bigger problems and the child could have been in greater pain.

Always dust bed before putting children to bed.A child complained of something in the ear. See what came out!

Posted by Ujunwa Okpara on Saturday, November 4, 2017

Let this video serve a lesson to all of us to never be complacent when it comes to cleanliness and sanity, especially when it comes to the surroundings of our children.

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