Orangutan Becomes Mother To Two Orphan Tigers, Feeds And Cares For The Cubs

We humans are big fans of animals especially those that are domesticated. We treat them as part of the family whenever we have them as pets. Some people even go to the extent of adopting exotic animals and consider them as pets.

As children, we just have this fondness of anything in the wild and the jungle. From numerous movies of talking dogs like Balto and personified animals like in the cases of The Lion King and Jungle Book, we’ve taken a liking on these creatures and stare in great amazement of how exotic, graceful, and fierce they can get.

It is a wonderful sight seeing humans interact with tamed and domesticated animals. But in the jungle and the safari, things are different. It’s a whole different story when animals act to each other. See, these animals follow an unspoken rule of prey and predator.

Since they are not as intelligent as human beings, they know nothing of being social and mannered. To them, life is all about surviving and making it alive. As animals, their way of living highly depends on their rank in the food chain.

If you are a prey, you better stay out of the open to avoid being some other animal’s lunch. If you are a predator on the other hand, you are less threatened as you are feared by others. This is probably the reason why lions are called king of the jungle as they are some of the strongest predators around.

But sometimes, animals also defy these rules of nature. With many videos circulating online, we are sometimes surprise at how humane these animals can get, seeming to forget their roles in the food chain. Take for example the orangutan who took two tiger cubs as her own.

In a viral video online, an orangutan is seen taking care of two tigers, acting as if she was the biological mother of the cubs. The tigers no longer have a mother, so the orangutan has taken her spot, making sure that the babies are fed and cared for.

In videos, you can see the orangutan playing around with the cubs. She even feeds them through a milk bottle, resembling a human mom taking care of her child.

The internet has been rather warmed by this sight, making us realize that it doesn’t take an intelligent human brain to be motherly. Whether you are an animal or a human being, becoming a mother comes naturally.

Source: Feedytv

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