This Video Will Show You What Kindness Can Bring To Humanity

It has always been said that no act of kindness would ever be wasted. Kindness is being taught by the elder from generation to generation. And indeed, kindness could never be priced by anyone for it can only be given by those people with genuine hearts for others.

Kindness cannot be always taught in all places where we go. But we can always show kindness in any way that we can. Just like in this video by the Life West Inside which is now being shared many times in Facebook, every people, regardless of the social status, can reflect how one’s kindness can be passed to many.

The video shows that how a boy playing his skateboard fell on the road. Fortunate of him, a construction worker, who was near the area when the accident happened, helped him and ask him if he’s alright.

As he goes on his way, the boy saw an old woman who was about to cross the road bringing bags of groceries. Thus made the boy offered help to the woman.

When the old woman was walking her way, she saw a girl who was looking for her coin purse. Having some coins, the old woman gave it to the lady.

On her way, the lady, who was once helped by the old woman, saw that a wallet that was accidentally dropped by a man. The lady gave it back to the man.

As the man passed through the street, he was surprised by a man, who was by that time carrying a huge heavy luggage. As the first experienced kindness from the lady, he too helped the guy!

Walking the same street, the guy saw a helpless long-haired man whom he gave his sandwich.

While the guy was eating his sandwich, he saw a girl who has left her phone. The beggar followed and approached the girl, giving her phone back.

On her way, the girl saw a woman eating in a restaurant and she decided to give her some flowers. To her surprise, the woman gave the lady a sweet smile. We are sure that the woman felt happy receiving such a beautiful bouquet.

After the woman ate her dinner, she left a large amount of tip for the waiter.

Upon receiving such huge money as a tip, the waiter decided to give free water to a construction worker who was on a construction site near. This worker was the same guy who helped the skater boy from the first part of the video.

Well, it can be truly seen that kindness can be passed on to everyone.

Watch the video and see how heart whelming it is!


Source: trendszilla

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