All This Time We Do It Wrong! See How To Use The Can Opener The Right Way!

In opening different canned goods, some people use knifes. But most of the people are using this simple kitchen tool which lessen the stress of opening goods in can.

Can openers are always been useful for our everyday kitchen needs. This simple kitchen equipment really helps a lot in our daily lives. It is very useful in opening various canned foods including sardines, corned beef, corn, mushrooms, pasta sauces and many more. It is indeed time friendly, as well as, it saves us from the danger of cuts that we might get from using the simple kitchen knife.

But did you know that there is a right way of using the can opener than our usual way of opening canned goods?

And to tell you the truth, we are using it the wrong way! Yeah, you read it right! We are using this small kitchen tool the very wrong way. How? Well, this video from Kristopher Sean Brown will show you the proper way of using the can opener. He took this short video to educate everyone on the proper use of the can opener.

Most of us are placing the can opener on the sideways and we’ll open the upper lid with the help of its pressed round sides until it will be completely removed. Some people find it hard to do and took so much of their time. Well, this is simply because it is being used the incorrect way.

Doing so, we always encounter that hassle situation in using the can opener. At times, the can opener will accidentally be removed to the round lid making us do the first step once again. Also, the round lid is still on the can despite that it has been broke completely.

And the correct way? I assure it is easier to do. The proper way is to simply position the can opener on the unopened can. Just make sure that the can opener touches the embossed round sides of the can. After that, merely move the can opener going to a clockwise direction and you will see that the round sides will be removed easily. No more hassle in removing the lid!

Finally, we already know how to use it properly after so many years. Try this in your home and you will surely see the difference of this proper technique.

Watch this video and share it to your family and friends as well for a hassle-free use of can opener.

Posted by Kristopher Sean Brown on Saturday, August 11, 2018

Source: trendszilla

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