This Another Online Craze Will Make You Climb The Stairs With Style

As time goes by, people are being caught with different social media trends. Years after years, people from different ages are inventing altered challenges from the fun-to-do with friends “Harlem Shake,” the superb cold “Ice Bucket Challenge,” and today the “Kiki Dance Challenge” which requires the one who accepted the challenge to go out from his car and dance outside while the car is moving. These different innovations made people now a days to enjoy the social media is indeed very creative.

Well, another trend seems to be viral once again and this is called as the “Climb the Stair with Style Challenge.” It sounds interesting, right? This another craze makes the netizens become very curios because everyone seems to have the same way of walking up the stairs.

A video compilation being shared many times on the social media about this newest challenge are featuring mostly girls. What’s amazing? They even manage to do the challenge even in steep and slippery stair adding some tough dance moves plus the high heels on. And guess what? They perform it without any difficulties.

As you can see on the video, people are doing this craze not just indoors but even outdoors. And as it goes viral, pretty sure that celebrities will also accept the challenge.

No matter what shoes you are wearing, and where you are, you can still play this challenge just like those girls in the video by the help of latest technologies.

This challenge video compilation of girls was done by using the latest editing app, Tiktok. Numerous people, mostly the millennial, are using this app to do a lot of videos to adapt with the different social media trend. With the help of this Tiktok app, people can do their amazing moves for the “Climb the Stair with Style Challenge” easily.

Such dance moves for the mentioned trend is accompanied with a remix version of the song ‘Pretty Girl’ by Maggie Lindemann. Sound simple? Yes! Because the only mechanics of this craze is to climb the stairs by stepping one at a time while dancing to the beat.

A lady even wears skirt and a pair of high-heeled shoes while doing the challenge in an indoor stair.

Another lady accepted the challenged and do it on a public stair.

If you guys are also interested in this craze, don’t hesitate to show your moves! Watch this video to see how girls are doing this.


Lagi ngetren nih?! :DKeren juga!

Posted by Lucu-Lucu Ajahh 2.0 on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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