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A Fable Has Been Proven, Turtle Defeats Rabbit in a Race

When we were kids, the world seemed such a huge place. It was filled with many complicated things that we couldn’t comprehend at with our young minds. It is with this fact that our parents and other elders devised stories to teach us specific virtues and values that we needed to live by.

Apart from learning lessons from stories, they were also our form of entertainment. Stories were tools for us to practice our imaginations. To flex the creative sides of our brains and come up with a world based on the words that we hear.

Probably one of the most told tale among us is the story of “The Rabbit and the Turtle.” In this narrative, the two animals, both having varied talents of their own respect, agreed to have a race to prove which one would win. And while everyone would originally root for the rabbit given its quick nature, the story ends with the turtle winning the race.

For generations, this story has been passed on. It is even told to kids these days. And while we have found the outcome of this story to be believable, we have never really seen it happen in real life. That is, until a viral video trended online.

In the said video, a group has decided to simulate the concept of the story. Only this time, the characters are not fictional; it was a real race between a rabbit and a turtle. As expected, the rabbit took off quickly getting much of a head start in the competition. Its competitor, on the other hand, took the race slowly as you would expect from a real life turtle.

Unexpectedly, like some sort of magic, the rabbit stopped midway from the finish line. It looked to be distracted by something, causing it to pause and divert its track. All of this was happening while the turtle slowly but surely inched its way toward the finish line.

The people in the crowd, amused by what was happening, tried to cheer the rabbit to keep going. But it stayed in its spot as if it couldn’t hear a thing. This, of course, resulted to the turtle finally reaching the finish line, and eventually winning the race.

We don’t really know what happened to the rabbit, but rest assured, this video keeps the values of our favorite children’s story alive. It reminds us to not be complacent with our abilities, and to keep pushing and persevering until we reach our end goal.

Rabbit Vs Turtle Real Race

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