Man Jumps in Flooded Street to Show Off His Olympic Swimming Skills

CNN reporter Andrew Cooper has once labeled the Filipino people to be the jolliest people in the world. According to him, Filipinos, even when distraught by typhoons and other natural calamities still manage to provide a ray of hope to others.

It is embedded in the Filipino identity to be resilient. Being under the control of several conquerors in the past, people from this country have learned to find several ways of coping. From being calm in the face of adversity, to the ability to make jokes out of a rather disheartening circumstance, the Filipino resilience has been tried and tested.

A testament to this unique value, a viral video of a Filipino man circulated online. In it, you can see a flooded street, and a man in full swim wear taking his mark. The street was fully immersed in water that you would think it was deeply flooded.

The man seemed to be doing nothing out of the ordinary until he positioned himself as if he was going to dive. The holder of the camera then counted down and blew the whistle, signaling the man like it was a start of a race.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the guy jumped off from the gutter and dove to the flooded street, which turned out to be almost ankle deep only. You would think the guy would be hurt after diving to such shallow waters, but he didn’t appear to be so.

He kept on showing off his swimming abilities, doing freestyles to the other end of the street. And as if it was not enough, he even did a flip turn like one of those Olympic swimmers that we see in competition. After doing so, he pushes off the gutter and swims backwards attempting to reach his original spot.

Towards the middle of his final lap, a motorcycle was trying to cross the street which seemed to have rattled the swimmer, causing him to roll back to his stomach and finish his lap with a freestyle instead.

At the end of the video, he lets out a sigh as if he was really successful in finishing a swimming race. He looked very happy with wide smiles on his face as if he had won a great prize.

Netizens from all over the world seemed to have a good time watching this funny video, as reflected in the comments. One of them even mentioned, “Filipinos will always find ways to be happy in every situation.”



Posted by Pinoy Rap Radio on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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