Life Hack: You can actually cook food using just a bamboo tube

Technology has spread all over the world and it has led to making things easier for us. From simple machines like the typewriter to highly advanced ones like computers, technology has undoubtedly made life faster, easier, and more convenient for us.

But things have not always been this way. We all know from our history classes that the comforts we have today in the form of technology weren’t always present. Back in the day, things were more basic.

They didn’t have a microwave that would heat food for them whenever they wanted. They didn’t have a fridge that kept the food cold to avoid them from spoiling. In short, everything was manual, and people relied on the available resources around them so they could survive.

In this day and age, it is still important to have knowledge and abilities about doing these basic things. During our younger years, we were persuaded to join girl scout and boy scout groups which taught us basic survival abilities. And while we didn’t quite get to see how important those abilities are, we realize as we get older that having them is actually important.

You’ll never know when you will need them so it’s best to learn them. It could come in handy if ever you get caught in a deserted island, or if you are unfortunate enough to get stuck in the middle of the forest. As a matter of fact, people are now using technology to share more knowledge about these basic abilities.

In a recent viral video, a guy shows us how you can cook without having any cooking materials around you. All you need is nature and its resources.

The video started with the guy cutting a bamboo tube open using a bolo knife. He then attempted to create fire by using the old method—through friction. In this part of the video, he used wood and some tinder.

After he was able to create fire, he set up a makeshift stand wherein he installed the bamboo which he cracked open at the beginning of the video. He then cracked the eggs and put the in the bamboo tube. The bamboo tube acted as a frying pan in which the eggs got cooked.

He covered the bamboo tube using the other piece that he cut off earlier. After which, he focused on creating a bigger fire to make sure that the egg would be fully cooked. A few more minutes, and voila, the egg was well done.

Source: trendszilla

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