A Wonder of Nature: New Tarantula Springs Off its Old Body During its Shedding Process

The world is definitely full of surprises. From unexplainable things in our solar system, to bizarre occurrences among life forms on Earth, there are just things that we can’t really explain.

As much as our scientists have studied life, both on humans and animals, there are still things that leave us in awe once we see them happening. While some of these phenomena are quite weird to look at, we can’t help but watch them turn out in front of our eyes.

Over the years, social media has been filled with weird videos of animals that are both uncomfortable and mesmerizing to watch. We don’t really know what is with these videos, but we can’t resist watching them.

One of these videos that are recently going viral online is the shedding process of a tarantula that has just left everyone marveling. In the video, it shows a Mexican red-knee tarantula trying to shed off its old skin.

The whole process took 2 hours in total, and it sounds very painstaking. But once the whole process lays out in front of your very eyes, you could say that this is definitely one of the wonders of nature. In the video you could see the spider almost motionless, apart from its detectable shivers.

And then, after a few moments, as if by sheer magic, a new spider springs out of its main body, leaving the old skin in its place. It’s amazing how the old skin stays as intact as it is. It could even pass as a separate living spider as it looks extremely alive.

Truth be told, there really isn’t anything special about the Mexican red-knee as this process of shedding is common among tarantulas. Scientists say that many tarantulas go through this several times a year as a part of their maturity.

This shedding is the spider’s way of renewing its outer shell and repairing broken parts of its limbs. During the whole process, the spider will suddenly stop eating and will resort to minimal movement in an attempt to store energy for its shedding.

The new shell or exoskeleton grows under the old one, and to separate it from each other, the spider releases bodily fluids in between the old and new layer of its shells. It then wriggles to shake off the old exoskeleton until it finally gets out of its old skin.

Once its out of the old skin, the tarantula will continue on a fasting stage as its new fangs are still not hard enough to take food. Until its new shell hardens, the tarantula remains less of a risk to its preys.

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula Molting Time-lapse

Incredible time-lapse of a tarantula molting. Beautiful or Creepy?

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