Heartwarming reunion between lions and previous owner shows us the true meaning of love and loyalty

We have all been fans of talking animals, especially during the earlier years of our lives. As kids, watching animated films such as Tarzan, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King has introduced us to a fondness on these rather wild beings.

Apart from this, our interest on animals of the wild are also seen on how we like stuffed animals in the form of bears, and cubs, and other ferocious creatures. And while we are educated about their wild nature as we grow up, it doesn’t take away our affinity to them.

As a matter of fact, there have been many people all over the world who have considered lions as their pets. These people have found a way to domesticate these huge animals from the wild and have turned them into loyal pets, sometimes even treated them as their own children.

Just like dogs, these lions have also proven to be more human and more intelligent than we give them credit for. Although they are wild beings, they know how to be loyal and recognize the hand that originally nurtured them.

Such is the case in this heartwarming reunion between a pair of cubs and their initial owner. In a viral video, a woman is seen meeting with her pet cubs for the first time after giving them to a zoo 7 years ago.

As if they were humans who have missed their mother for a very long time, the lions immediately recognized the woman and quickly sprinted towards her to give her one huge hug. The two lions were all over their human parent, licking them, showing how much they have missed her.

The camera even caught one of the lions closing her eyes as she gives the woman a hug, as if she was trying to savor the moment she’s been waiting to happen in the last 7 years. The woman was also overjoyed in this scene, being showered by hugs and kisses from the lions. It was clearly obvious that she felt really good that the cubs still recognized her even after these years.

According to stories, the woman had to give away the lions to a zoo in Switzerland since they have become too big. With their size that was bigger than the woman, she felt like she could no longer take care of them in the best way so she had to give them up.

But all is well that ends well, as this video shows us that whether human or lion, when you develop a deep connection toward each other, it will transcend even the limitations of time.

A heartwarming reunion

The reaction of these lionesses when they see their godmother Michaela Zimanova, the woman who raised them, takes care of them, and visits them every month at a big cats sanctuary in Slovakia, will make your heart smile.Credit: Their Facebook page: Malkia Park – Oficiálna stránkaTheir YouTube channel:

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