Ingenious fishing mechanism made out of plastic bottles proves to be effective way of catching fish

Humans are inherently innovative. We’ve seen it happen from way back when technology wasn’t even available. From the Pyramids of Egypt to the Coliseum in Rome, all of us can agree that even in the ancient time, humans were adept in creating things.

Nowadays, a lot of technological advancement has happened globally. With the emergence of computers and other machinery, technology has indeed changed how people live and work. But of course, not everyone is immediately reached by technology.

There are still those developing countries which, for a lack of a better term, are behind in terms of technological advancement. Of course, this is not to say that they are not as creative and innovative as those who live in first world countries.

As a matter of fact, most people from these developing countries have been proven to be more resourceful and creative in finding ways to make their daily lives easier. This is probably because they are taught to make do of what resources are available around them.

Who would have thought that plastic bottles, considered by many as environment’s number one enemy, could actually serve a huge role in the livelihood of fishermen in Cambodia? In a video posted by a YouTube channel called Cambodia Wilderness, creative fishermen show us how to create an effective fishing mechanism by using only recycled plastic bottles.

The makeshift apparatus only needed the following materials: a fishing hook, recycled plastic bottles, nylon, and some pieces of sticks. The fishing hooks were attached to the cap through the use of a nylon string. A couple of equal holes punctured into the bottle cap serve as the passage way of the nylons to which you can tie them.

At the other end of the bottle, a single hole is punched to create a passage way for the nylon string so it can be attached to the other parts of the mechanism. You then form an arc out of the sticks that you prepared. These will serve as the main body of the mechanism to which you will tie the plastic bottles.

Place the arc in a spot where you think there is an abundance of fish. Once you’ve found a spot, mount the arc there and start tying the plastic bottles to it. Make sure that the bottles are tied upside down, with the hooks submerged in water.

Finally, put some worms or any other sort of bait to your hook and leave it for a couple of hours. A few more moments, and voila, your mechanism has caught one fish for each bottle you made.

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Source: trendszilla

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