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Super Mom Having A Hard Time Dressing Up Her Kids Show That Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Is No Easy Feat

Everyone can agree when we say that all the moms in the world deserve shout out. They used to be seen as lesser beings in the society because they don’t work in the corporate world, but thank heavens that mindset has changed.

Throughout the past decades, stay-at-home moms have received more and more praise since we have been exposed to how much of a job being a mother is. Apart from taking care of everything in the house, you also have to keep your kids in check all the time.

But how exactly do you do that if you have to look after, not one but four, children who seem to have a world of their own.

This is exactly the scenario in this viral video going around social media recently. In the said footage, a mom wearing a black dress comes into her bed room carrying her triplets. It was obvious that the triplets were just bathed and are supposed to be dressed.

But things got rather chaotic once she laid her triplets in bed. While she tried her hardest to dress them up one by one, the kids just kept on going to different directions, which of course, made it harder for the mom to get done.

She gathers them toward the center of the bed, and as soon as she picks up one of the triplets, the other two would just keep crawling in different directions. This went on for quite a few rounds, and was not made easier by the older toddler who was jumping up and down the mattress without his clothes on.

The video was totally entertaining to watch. The kids were extremely adorable, but we’re pretty sure that if it were us in the position of the mother, we would have lost our patience in this chaotic cycle.

Finally, the mom was able to dress up all of the kids and she looked very pleased with what she has done.

Clearly, it is never easy to be a mother; all the more if you are a mother to four kids. This video just reminds to be more appreciative and supportive of our moms since they are clearly doing a job that not many can fulfill.

We may not believe in the existence of real-life super heroes, but with what we have just seen, they do exist in the form of our loving, patient, and caring mothers.

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Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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