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Guy And His Girlfriend Shows Off Motocrcycle Skills On Public Roads

Each of us are said to be unique. Even our DNAs attest to the truth of this fact. No two people are exactly the same, in the sense that there would be specific parts of themselves that would be different. Along with these are different personalities, temperaments, and even talents.

With the emergence of several talent competitions all over the world, we have witnessed different types of talents from the simple to the overly complex and risky. There are even those people whose talents are really one of a kind, and require some level of professionalism to be performed.

But sometimes one does not need to switch to a cable channel, or visit a circus show to be able to witness these daredevil acts. If you are lucky, you’ll see them pulling their tricks on public roads, just like this viral footage of a motocross rider.

In the video, we follow a couple riding a motorcycle. The guy was wearing a grey long sweater and jeans, while the woman was wearing a blue sleeveless top and black pants. Both of them were wearing matching helmets that were white in color with a pink pattern scattered around it.

The driver was doing a trick called a wheelie. In this trick, a driver maneuvers his motorcycle and travels for a short distance with the front of the motorcycle raised off the ground. But this rider seemed to be beyond expert at doing this trick. Instead of driving a short distance, he was able to pull off this trick longer than others.

As a matter of fact, he was able to do this trick for a whole stretch of a road. It was such a hard trick to achieve considering that the road was curvy. There were also other vehicles passing through, so this added to the level of complexity of the whole performance.

This didn’t bother the driver, though. He even leveled it up by teasingly swerving in between vehicles, even those that are going the opposite way as his. And as if this was not enough, he even shifted the balance of the motorcycle by switching from one position to another. Instead of being saddled in the motorcycle’s seat, he was now seated to favor one side of the vehicle.

This video has gathered more than 7.8 million views since it was posted, and people have been very impressed with it. Of course, no matter how impressed we are with this footage, it’s still one of those things that really shouldn’t be tried by non-experts.

Lakas ng trip eh! Hinihintay ko talaga silang matumba! 😂

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