Child Gets A Poopy Surprise From Her New Kitten, Gets Hysterical

They always say that the world is an unforgiving one. And when people say that, they don’t always mean that the grand scheme of the universe is to just screw you over. They also mean that most of the time, the world leads you to little misfortunes that, when repeatedly happen, just gets irritating and tiring.

It doesn’t really have to be something big, but there are just those days when you just know that luck isn’t on your side at all. The moment you step out of your house, a series of misfortunate events just keep on getting in your way.

It may be a bad hair day, or missing the train in just a matter of seconds. It could be realizing you’ve forgotten your umbrella after the rain starts pouring, or it could be as simple as spilling coffee on your new white shoes. In some form or another, most of us have gone through a series of these misfortunes, and we’ve learned to deal with them.

But probably one of the worst things anyone could experience is being crapped on by some strange animal. Just think about this scenario: a friend wears something absolutely nice to an outdoor party, and without minutes of walking into the venue a pigeon poops on her dress.

Yes, we’ve seen it happen in movies and even in real life. But it’s not just pigeons who are culprits of this pooping incident. Sometimes, our very dear pets are also complicit to this act. Take for example this video uploaded by Unilad in their YouTube Channel.

In it, you will see a girl sitting on the front passenger seat, bawling her eyes out. At first you won’t really understand why she’s crying so hard until you realize that on her lap is a kitten, and on her pink shirt is a bunch of kitten poop.

Her dad tried to calm her down telling her that they will have to pull over so that they could clean the mess. But her mom, who was taking the video, was just cracking up as she aims the camera to her daughter.

The kid was still hysterical and just kept on crying. And as if she was not having her mom enjoy her misery, she calls out to her mom telling her to stop cracking.

We can’t blame her though, no one wants to be pooped on by their pets. And no matter how cute kittens are, being crapped on by one is probably no cute of a feeling.

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Posted by Maria Anghelita on Saturday, September 1, 2018

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