This video of dogs playing around a pond will prove just how alike they are to humans

Considered as man’s best friend, dogs have played a huge part among us humans. They have given us company and have brought joy to our lives as people. This is probably because among all animals, dogs are the most domesticated ones, making people more comfortable to deal with them and make them as pets.

It also helps that dogs are rather friendly to kids. As a matter of facts, most parents who have toddlers and a pet dog, could see resemblances of how their kids and their dogs act. Children generally like dogs, making this animal the most family-friendly pet among others.

Sometimes, dogs also serve as children to couples who are not blessed with an offspring. With the temperament of a toddlers, dogs do make up for the lack of a children in a household. This is probably why some couples consider themselves as dog parents. From the term itself, they really take to heart how much they provide care and love for their pets.

We can’t really blame these dog parents. If you look at how adorable and how dogs act, you could really think that they have the playful soul of a child. Just like in this recent viral video that has gathered thousands of views.

In the video, you can see the dogs having the time of their lives playing in the water. Well, you might think to yourself that this is just a common scene to watch. After all, we’ve seen how dogs bathe in the water. But watch a few more seconds into the video and be surprised.

All of a sudden, one of the dogs climbs up to the side of the pond. Judging from the looks of it, it seemed like the dog was taking a break from swimming in the pond. But after a few moments, the unexpected happened. The dog jumped into the water, and it didn’t just jump; it jumped with such character.

And as if it was not enough, he did it again and this time, even did a trick as if it was a professional diver trying to do acrobatics in the air. It landed in the water and you could tell that the dog was just having the time of his life.

Watching this video will surely remind you of your kids, or even of your younger years when your parents would take you to a swimming party and you would just have the time of your life. Basing on the looks of this video, dogs are really just like humans who didn’t grow up.


Posted by BISAN UNO LANG on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Source: trendszilla

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