Affectionate dog shows some love for her sister before she even gets born

Our social media newsfeeds, regardless if it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, are filled with a variety of things. But we are sure that everybody can probably agree when we say that one thing common among our newsfeeds are videos and compilations of adorable animal footages, especially dogs.

Maybe not all of us are dog parents. As a matter of fact, not all of us are dog lovers. But there is something about these types of videos that just brightens up our day. Footages of dogs being too humanly are just a ray of sunshine to our sometimes gloomy days.

Time and again, we have seen how dogs, despite their inability to speak the human language, knows how to communicate their thoughts and emotions. They may not be able to talk to us with words, but they seem to understand more than what we think they do.

Take for example this pup named Penelope. In a viral video, Penelope is seen cuddling with her pregnant dog parent. It seems to be a normal scene among loyal dogs, but the pet owner, Juliana explained that this was nothing close to normal.

“It’s the first time she’s done this. It was very emotional. I’m sure Penelope will be a great big sister,” Juliana shares.

Apparently, Penelope has been consistently expressing her concern and love for her soon to be sister. It’s like the pup understands that her mommy is carrying another human being inside her tummy.

“I think she knows, yes. She feels like there’s something different. We set up the little nursery room and she goes in and sits under the crib. She’s always been very needy and affectionate, but toward me, it has increased a lot,” Juliana further explained in an interview.

This video really proves how much a connection we have with dogs, which aptly names them man’s best friend. It’s amazing how these animals could be very loyal and empathetic to humans, even to those they haven’t even met yet.

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Posted by Fox Paulistinha on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

True enough, the bond between humans and dogs are tighter and closer than what we may comprehend. All the more, dogs are more understanding and a lot smarter than we really give them credit for. Many may say that they only act based on instincts, but Penelope in the video just showed that these instincts are nothing but motherly ones—something dogs, and even other animals, share with humans.

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