Guy proves you don’t need an ocean to enjoy surfing. Watch where he does it in this video.

With the rising evolution of technology, the world has also changed into a freer one. With information readily available at your fingertips, and with communication being more encompassing as ever, dynamics of society has changed.

The emergence of stay at home jobs, remote work opportunities, and digital nomads have caused a great deal of game-change in the corporate world. It is now easier to pursue your passions and maintain a corporate job. More than ever, we have been given the liberty to manage our time to fit to our desired scheme of things.

No wonder we’ve been seeing a lot of young professionals being able to travel without having to quit their corporate jobs. We see them being able to explore different places and enjoy activities like sight-seeing and paragliding. Even surfing has become more and more popular nowadays, with the emergence of different surfing sites.

But of course, not everyone is blessed with the time and money to pursue travelling, much more surfing. While there are a lot of opportunities to juggle passion and practicality, some people are not given a choice but to stay practical. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t find ways to pursue their passions.

A recent viral video posted by a netizen named Hans Paray has taught us that if there’s a wheel, there really is a way. In the footage, we are schooled that you don’t necessarily have to spend money to enjoy the thrills of surfing. Heck, the guy in the video didn’t even need to be in the ocean to do it.

The short clip starts with a guy in a white shirt and blue shorts, carrying a skim board. He runs from one end of the road, and swiftly rockets forward. It looks rather bizarre at the beginning as you question what a guy would be doing with a skim board in the middle of the street.

But as the camera follows the guy, we are surprised at where he uses the board. From holding it at a chest level height, he gets the perfect momentum and timing and drops the board to the very waters that flood the street he is running in. The outcome, an impressive display of skim boarding abilities.

Watch Video Here:


Posted by Hans Paray on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

He maintains his balance, and even does a mini jump midway and continues on until he was at the other end of the street. This video has gathered almost 100 thousand views within a few days of uploading and has received rather good comments from netizens.

How about you, what do you think about this guy’s resourcefulness?

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