Boy offers seat to pregnant woman on subway after others ignored her

There’s definitely a lot the older generation can say about kids of these days. There are several stereotypes that are thrown towards Millennials and those in the even younger generation. Our parents and grandparents always tell us that we spend too much time on our phones, or that we don’t give value to money. Sometimes they would even say that we have gotten too lazy and have grown to be people without manners.

Times indeed have changed, and the people’s mindset and behavior have evolved with it. But of course, this is not to say that the kids these days have lost their manners and good conduct. As a matter of fact, a viral video proves that the kids are okay in terms of doing good in society.

A Malaysian boy recently went viral after he has displayed a commendable act towards a pregnant woman riding a train. In the video, it showed that one section of the train wagon had already filled seats. A few moments later, a pregnant woman walks in. Realizing there was no longer any seats to take, she decided to just stand up.

It wasn’t just the boy who seem to take notice of the pregnant woman. There were also two adult women and three men who just ignored the pregnant lady’s situation. Not one of them stood up to offer their seats.

As older people who belong to the generation who keeps on telling the kids to practice their manners, we would expect these men to quickly get off their seat and offer them to the pregnant woman. However, much to everyone’s disappointment, none of them did so.

You would also hope that the women inside the train wagon would offer their seats. Knowing that they are women, we would assume that they know how it feels like to be left standing, especially if you are pregnant. Also, we would somehow expect the women to offer their seats as we’re sure they would want to be offered a seat if they are in the same situation. But again, no one budged.

As the video went on, it was obvious that none of the adults were going to give up their seats to have the pregnant lady rest. It was at this time that the kid did what should have been done early on the video.

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Okay ini anak siapa ni?

Posted by Ally Iskandar on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

He stood up, approached the woman and offered her his seat. Now we can all just wonder how the other adults in the train felt about this kid’s act. Clearly, manners are not restricted to generations. The kids nowadays may be more outspoken and critical, but that doesn’t take away humanity from them.

Source: Buzzooks

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