Heart melting moment between father and 55-year old sone with Down Syndrome has us all crying

Our parents play a big role in our development as people. Most of our attitudes and traits are results of how our parents brought us up. It depends largely on how we were treated as kids, what things we were exposed to, and how much love and care we were shown.

As a matter of fact, there have been quite a lot of studies that prove how a person’s childhood greatly affect a person’s overall personality as an adult. And of course, whatever we are now, we owe to our parents, be it positively or negatively.

As we become adults, we turn into our own versions of ourselves. With the freedom from our parents, we make decisions of our own and try to create our identities as people. This sometimes lead us to stray away from our parents. The love and the care will always be there, but let’s admit it, sometimes adulthood gets in the way too much that we spend less and less time with our parents.

Good thing the universe makes a way sometime to give us a reminder to get connected with our parents. Be it in the form of a song, a movie, or a viral footage that circulated online, these reminders work their magic and just makes us miss our parents.

Just recently, a video of an 88-year-old man reuniting with his 55-year-old son who has down syndrome has been melting everyone’s heart online. In the video, you would see the son riding an escalator, wanting to get off it excitedly. The camera pans to the left, and we see the reason for this excitement.

At the bottom of the escalator, his 88-year-old dad awaits him, ready to shower him with hugs and kisses. Apparently, this is the first time they will be seeing each other after one week of being apart. The son immediately ran towards his dad and hugged him so tightly, pecking his old man’s cheek with kisses.

It was a heart-warming scene for anyone who was watching. Who would have thought that a 55-year old, differently abled man could show us the true meaning of pure love? This just shows that no matter how old we get, we are still our parent’s children. And that the love and bond between us will never ever go away.

Heart melting moment a father, 88, is reunited with his down syndrome son, 53, after a spending a week apart for the first time ever. 😍

Posted by Bobby Schuller on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Netizens have clamored all over this video reaching more than 1.5 million views within just a week of being uploaded. Watch the whole video below, and get your tissues ready.

Source: Facebook

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