Boyfriend flees wedding reception after his girlfriend catches the bridal bouquet

Marriage is probably one of the things that are both exciting and scary at the same time. It’s exciting and happy in the sense that it officiates you being tied to the love of your life, sharing each other’s passions for the rest of eternity. On the other hand, it’s also scary as it is no small deal. It requires faithfulness and commitment towards one person and one person only.

This is probably why there are couples who, despite being together for a long time, do not jump into marriage right away. This could also be one of the reasons why when someone invites us as their plus one to a wedding, we go into this overwhelming train of thought about our own weddings.

Committing to one person is an uncomfortable thought for many, but people try to be discreet about it. A recent viral video, however, showed us that not everyone could be silent about their fears about commitment.

In a rather entertaining video, a guy was seen sprinting away from the wedding reception, all suited up with his drink still in hand. Apparently, this was a result of his girlfriend catching the bridal bouquet after it was thrown by the newly wedded bride.

We all know that the throwing of the bouquet is probably one of the things that boyfriends in a wedding dread the most. If your girlfriend catches that flying bundle of flowers, that’s basically an instant engagement right there. As tradition goes, whoever catches the bouquet gets married next so imagine the pressure this puts on to the partner of whoever catches the bouquet.

We later learned that the guy’s name is Daniel Gilbert and his girlfriend was Rachel Belsey. The two of them attended the wedding of their friends Chelsea and Matt. And after the iconic flower throwing, Rachel probably turned around to find his boyfriend and tell him the good news. She probably even thought of using this to drop hints that she wants a wedding soon, too.

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Posted by Boyti White-t on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

But much to her surprise, there goes Daniel trying to flee from the sight of the bouquet and his girlfriend. People who have seen the video have had a rather amusing time watching this turn of events. Others even went to the extent of tagging their friends who are likely to do the same thing at a wedding.

How about you, what do you think of this video? Do you know of anyone who would do this exact same thing?

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