Moms of the world, rejoice with these life hacks that make household chores easier

Organizing stuff is no easy feat to accomplish. It takes so much time and effort just to put things in order. It does not matter if you are trying to organize your entire house or a space just as small as your closet. The fact remains that most people try to avoid doing this chore because it is too tedious.

But no matter how we try to avoid this chore, we still end up doing them anyway. It’s as if organizing is a force to reckon with when you’re living as an adult. To be fair, an organized and orderly closet saves a lot of space and allows you to find your things easily.

This is probably why our moms have kept on teaching us how to organize stuff when we were kids. Now that you think of it, it’s amazing how our moms kept everything orderly. From the kitchen sink, to our bedrooms, even the living area of our houses are always kept neat and tidy. Imagine how much work that takes them to maintain its neatness.

Good thing several life hacks are now available online to make organizing as easy as singing the alphabet song. Take for example this video compilation that shows how we can organize things and save time while doing it.

The video seems to be effective as it has reached 435 million views since its posting. In it, we are taught some pretty cool techniques like folding underwear, shirts, arranging hangers, and organizing socks. True enough, these items are the ones most prone to getting messed up in our closets.

In the video compilation, it showed that folding undies can be fun and easy. All you have to do is to fold and stack them in the same manner that tissues are placed in a box. That way, when you pull out and use one, the next one is readily available.

It also shows a fast way of folding shirts where all you have to do is to locate the garments three main points: its collar, center, and hem. Just pinch the collar and the center and make them meet with the hem. There it is, a neatly folded shirt.

Another hack shared in the video is how you can use soda pop tabs from unused soda cans to add more hanging places for your hangers. All you have to do is insert the pop tabs in the hanger hook and you immediately have another place to hang your clothes.

Watch Video Here:

Get clever with your clutter…and these 7 organization hacks!

Get clever with your clutter…and these 7 organization hacks!

Posted by Blossom on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lastly, it showed how socks can be organized just by using fabric that was glued together. Simply glue felt fabric to each other depending on how you see it fit, then pull them towards the opposing sides and there goes your sock organizer.

Life is indeed a lot easier if we throw a little creativity to it.

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