Dog with only two feet inspires netizens all over the world

As human beings, we sometimes face challenges in life. These challenges, more often than not, come in the most unexpected times, in the most surprising ways. Be it struggles financial, in health, emotional, or even spiritual, these occurrences sometimes bring us to the ground, hindering us from being our normal selves.

Sometimes, these problems are too heavy that we can’t seem to move on with our lives. It sometimes feel like we have been denied of the hope that we need to keep moving. But sometimes, all it takes is a simple reminder of how beautiful life is, and how others may have it worse but decide to keep going.

These are exactly the feels you will get when you watch this video of a dog with only a pair of legs. Many people from the internet has been inspired with this dog’s motivation to keep going with life. In the footage, we can see the dog being strong enough to support itself despite the fact that it lacks two of its four legs.

The dog is seen humbly enjoying its food, carrying on with its life despite the fact that its body is not complete. Both of its legs are found in the front part of its body. This means that it is a struggle for the dog to keep himself standing up. This also poses a struggle for the dog to move normally as it does not have two more legs to support walking.

We probably see a lot of videos of dogs in our newsfeed regardless of the social media platform that we frequent. But most of these videos that we see are those of adorable and cuddly dogs that brighten up our day. This video, while not showing the typical clean and cute dogs, still managed to deliver an impactful message to everyone who watches it.

This only shows us that as humans, we are more capable of thinking and pushing through with our lives. This dog reminds us that no matter how hard life gets, all we need to do is be content and strive to make do with what we have.

Some people, or animals in this video’s case, really have it worse. And if this animal can be strong enough to sustain its own life, we are more capable of doing so as human beings. All we need is a little inspiration, creativity, and a will to keep pushing through.

Surviving dog

Laban parin kahit wala ng dalawang paa.

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