Billionaire pretends as a poor guy wanting to eat at a restaurant, receptionist ends up chasing him

It’s never okay to judge people. We’ve always been told that it’s wrong to form our judgment of other people based on how they look. This has been a subject of many social experiments that we have seen on social media platforms.

Most of the time, these social experiments aim to observe the reactions of people depending on how they treat others based on the way they look. Most of these experiments make use of actors that pretend to be both poor and rich through the way they dress. They approach people and see how differently they treat people depending on their looks.

The very same reaction was seen in this viral video posted on social media. In the video, a billionaire changes his clothes and pretends to be a beggar. He then approaches a receptionist at a high end restaurant and tells him that he wants to eat something at that fine restaurant.

Unsurprisingly, the receptionist calls out to him and tells him that he can’t let him inside the restaurant. He even tells the billionaire the reason why, and he says that he can’t go inside looking like a beggar. The billionaire, acting like he was defeated by this receptionist, went away and was ready to come back with a game plan.

He quickly changed clothes and dressed up like who he really was, a billionaire with nice clothes that look very expensive. He returned to the restaurant in a stylish and luxurious car, and the receptionist’s reaction was totally different from how he treated the same man just a few minutes earlier.

The guy in front of the restaurant had a totally different attitude towards the billionaire. He was rather nice and friendly and was even the one to initiate a conversation between the two of them. He even offered the billionaire to come inside and told him that he can show him the full menu.

But the billionaire was not having any of his selective attitude. He reveals to him that he was the same guy that he tried to shoo away just a few minutes earlier. The billionaire even told him bluntly, “I didn’t like how you treated me 15 minutes ago.

Dumbfounded, we can see him scratching his head, probably trying to think of what he can do to reverse the situation. He runs after the billionaire and calls out to him, asking if he can try to change his mind. But the billionaire was adamant in teaching him a lesson.

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This should be a lesson to everyone not to judge others. We never know we could be talking to some very powerful people.

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