Here’s what to do when you forget your password

There are times when we just feel helpless and the world is just against us. It may be a small issue or a big one, but there are just times that we feel the universe is against us. We probably all heard of the song Ironic by Alanis Morisette where in it describes several situations where misfortunate things happen when we don’t want them to occur.

You know that feeling when you can’t find your keys when you need to use it? But during the time you didn’t need it, you see it lying around the house. There are other experiences like this, but probably the worst thing that could happen to you is when you forget your password.

It could happen to you when you need to withdraw money from your ATM and you just can’t remember the pin. It could also happen to you when you need to sign in your email or social media and the password just keeps on prompting an error.

But what could be more annoying than forgetting your password to open your phone? For sure it could lead to a lot frustration as we use our phones for a lot of things. But we no longer need to worry if we forget our passwords, as Facebook page Pro Hacker teaches us how to resolve this issue in this hilarious video.

At the beginning, the video starts with a very dainty instrumental music showing a phone and its user entering the incorrect password for the phone. This implies that the user has forgotten his password. Then it tells us that there is something we can do whenever this happens.

It then leads to a scene where a tool kit is shown. They open the tool kit and it shows a set of screwdrivers. They picked the smallest screw driver and used it to unscrew the bottom part of the phone. What happens next totally shocked the viewers.

As if having had enough of his frustration, the music changes and the scene turns into a rather wild one. The guy behind the camera suddenly takes out a hammer and starts pounding on the phone. The video goes even further with this crazy stunt.

All of a sudden, several things get thrown at the phone. They started throwing eggs, and then some hard objects to the phone. We also get to see porcelain plates get thrown at the phone leaving it to pieces.

Watch Video Here:

Forget Your Password?

Forget Your Password?this is the best simple trick.

Posted by Pro Hacker on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The video has reached over 7 million views as of posting and has attracted many reactions from netizens all over the world.

Source: Facebook

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