Dog Whispering Groomer Talks To Terrified Dog and Magically Calms It

Having a dog at home is very much similar to having a bebe or a toddler. They are quite needy and cannot speak so you need to read into their actions to be able to understand what they are trying to convey. You need to regularly feed them, and make sure they are in good condition.

And you also have to make sure they don’t get in trouble with anything inside the house that might cause any mishap. Apart from this, you also have to regularly take them out for walks, give them a bath, and of course, groom them so they would be hygienic.

Doing all these things are pretty hard to keep up with, especially if dogs refuse to cooperate. Probably one of the harder tasks are giving them baths and taking them to the groomer for a haircut and other grooming matters.

Dogs normally refuse to take baths, but after some time they get used to it and finally cooperate. This one is easier as baths are normally given by dog parents, so dogs and puppies are more comfortable trusting the one bathing them.

However, when it comes to grooming, dog owners tend to run into some issue, especially if it’s the dog’s first time to be take to a grooming salon. Being taken to a groomer is a totally new experience for dogs and it is understandable for the to be a terrified of what’s about to happen to them. Add to that the fact that the dog is not yet familiar to whoever is trying to groom it.

But some people just excel at their jobs. These dog service providers are really trained to know how to handle dogs despite their differences in temperament.

In a video uploaded by NTD Television, a dog was extremely uncomfortable being leashed and placed on a table. It clearly wary of what was going on around him as we can see it being very defensive whenever the groomer tries to touch it.

But the groomer calmly handles the situation. She talks to the dog with a rather calming voice, as if assuring the dog that it is okay to be afraid and that nothing bad is going to happen to it. She continuously tried to desensitize the dog from its worries by attempting to touch it.

She succeeded on being able to touch the back of the dog, and once she did that, she started petting the back of the dog. This turned the table as the dog immediately hushed and calmed down as if it was never afraid at all.

Watch Video Here:

Groomer Calms Angry Dog

This groomer demonstrates an amazing ability to calm down a terrified dog 🙌JukinVideo

Posted by NTD Television on Saturday, June 9, 2018

Some people just have a way with animals. Whenever our dogs would not obey our commands we probably would wish we had the same ability as this groomer.

Source: Facebook / NTDtelevision

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