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Kid Rocks Out Sweet Child O’ Mine with his makeshift drum set

Talent choses no one. It’s like a form of genius spirit that takes over one’s soul, mind, and body. Regardless of where you are from or how old you are, talent comes to you naturally. It is similar to what many people call a gift.

Not everyone is blessed with it, but there are a chosen few who has exhibited exemplary talent even at just an early age. As a matter of fact, numerous videos online have gone viral because of the fact that it contains kids doing excellent exhibition of talent despite their young ages.

Many of these kids have been featured in Hollywood shows like The Ellen Degenere Show as well as Little Big Shot. In these shows, children with extraordinary abilities are highlighted in the aims of providing not just entertainment but also inspiration to people all over the world.

Another kid has recently wowed the World Wide Web because of his talent. In a viral video posted by a netizen named Cemmy Suparno, we see a kid rocking out to the percussions of a classic rock song, Sweet Child O’ Mine.

At initial glances, you would suspect that the video is just one of those normal footages. But what makes the video interesting is the fact that this kid does not have a legitimate drum set. What he has in front of him is a full-blown drum set that is made up of recyclable materials that many people probably considered garbage.

The set was complete with all the pieces, having 9 components to it that resembles all the necessary parts of a drum set. All of these are made from empty gallons and containers, wooden boxes, and a tin colander cover which served as the cymbals.

The instrumental of the song is playing in the background and you will just be amazed at how the kid hammers through the rhythm of the song, not missing a pulse at all. He also plays like he doesn’t have a care in the world and is totally immersed in his love for music and the instrument he is playing.

Many people have had nothing but good comments about this video. Netizens from all over the world have expressed how impressed and inspired they are of this kid who didn’t let his lack of true instruments get in the way of learning how to play the drums.

Watch Video Here:

wow what a talented kid

Posted by Boyti White-t on Saturday, September 8, 2018

True enough, there really isn’t anything we can achieve if we put our minds into something. If you’re passionate about your talents, you should really harness your potential, even if its just through makeshift instruments like the one in the video.

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