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ATTENTION PREGNANT MOMS: This is what having triplets look like

They say that one of the greatest blessings the world could offer is the gift of life. Being a mother indeed gives a woman’s life new meaning and purpose. But of course, this is not to say that bearing a child is an easy feat to handle.

Many couples who have been married for quite sometime do plan to start a family and have children in the long run. However, pregnancy and child rearing take a lot of consideration and care so deciding to get into it can’t be done without carefully planning about it.

Being pregnant with a child involves a lot of work. A mother would have to face the changes in her body especially now that she carries the weight of two people, literally and figuratively. Being pregnant, a mother needs to take into consideration that the decisions she will make do not only concern her, but also her child as well.

She needs to be more careful with the physical activities she does, the kind of food the she eats, and of course, the environment she surrounds herself. Whenever a woman is pregnant, everything becomes more susceptible to r1sks and d4ng3r. A woman’s body becomes more sensitive when she bears a child, so the support of the father is all the more needed.

However, it is one thing to bear one child, but a totally different thing to bear twins or even more, triplets. If having one child inside your body seems hard, imagine how much harder it is if you triple that. That’s exactly the case of bearing triplets.

For one, the woman’s tummy gets a lot bigger as compared to normal pregnancy. Apart from this, since there are three babies inside her tummy, she needs to eat a lot more to make sure that she sustains the health of not just the babies but her own health as well. This also means carrying a heavier weight since there is more than two bodies in her belly.

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33 + 4 weeks with the triplets. 🤰🙄Instagram 📹 triplets_of_copenhagen

Posted by Pregnant Life on Friday, September 7, 2018

This is exactly what we are shown in this recent viral video posted by a Facebook group called Pregnant Life. In the footage, we see a woman showing her pregnant belly. You would notice immediately that her belly is extremely big, so you would think that she’s having twins. But we later learn that she is actually carrying triplets.

The video has reached more than 2.1 million views as of date, and have gathered several reactions from netizens all over the world.

Source: Facebook

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