You’ll stop complaining about commuting to work after you’ve seen this train station in India

They say that the most progressive cities are not the ones where many people have cars, but those cities where car owners choose to ride public transportation. True enough, a good and working public transportation is a true mark of progress. Many cities all over the world have options for public transportation, but the question is how efficient they are in serving their purpose.

Many people from different highly progressive cities choose to purchase their own vehicles and drive them instead of just making use of public transportation systems. Despite having buses, trains, subways, and cab hailing services, these people still opt to spend more on gas instead of commuting.

We can’t really blame these people as, more often than not, public commuting can really be bad. Commuting means enduring non-moving traffic, or getting in long queues just to get to a bus or a train. This can also take up so much of your effort and energy, not to mention taking a lot of your time as well.

Most of the time, public transportation lead to many unforeseen circumstances that cause them to be late for work. Some people even complain that they get more tired commuting in public transportation than working their jobs. Simply put, commuting does not become an option unless they don’t have any other choice of transport.

But as much as we complain about public transportation, have we ever thought that other people have it worse? This very question is answered by a viral video of a train station in India which has gathered many reactions from several netizens all over the world.

The video is a footage of a train station that is fully packed with women. Looking at the video initially, you could say that it is overflowing with people, there wouldn’t even be space for a needle to drop to the floor.

The women seem to be anxiously waiting for the train to come and looks like their getting ready for something big. As soon as the train arrives, the c0mm0ti0n starts among the women, too. They all seemed to be rattled as if they were chasing after the train.

The train stops and the whole situation became even messier. It was as if there was a huge wave of people trying to go after the train doors. These trains are used by more than 8 million people who commute publicly. Each train has a capacity of 1,700 people, but around 4,500 people ride each train everyday.

Watch Video Here:

Crazy commute to work

Think your commute to work is bad? Look at this 😱

Posted by Newsflare on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Apart from being such a hassle, doing this could also be r1sky for commuters. Let’s just be glad we don’t have to get on this train.

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