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Guy decides to feed a stray dog but the dog decided not to eat the food and bring it somewhere else

A wiseman once said that all love begins and ends at motherhood. True enough, there really is nothing that can compare to the love that a mother gives. Mothers would do anything for their children and would not mind going through anything as long as they can make sure that their children are in good condition.

Once a woman becomes a mother, everything about her mindset and perspective changes. Her world suddenly revolves around her children and nothing else in the world matters more apart from their children.

As humans, we see mothers all over the world doing the best that they can to provide a good life for their kids. We are no longer new to stories wherein moms work more than one job just to support their children’s needs like providing them shelter, food, and sending them to school.

Apart from this, we have also seen how moms would rather give what was theirs than to think that their children would have none. They really are willing to offer themselves for the sake of their children. This trait of mothers is not only contained among humans but also to animals as well.

A recent video went very viral online because of its heartwarming content. In it, a guy decided to feed a stray dog with a piece of chicken. Surprisingly, the dog took the chicken but did not eat it immediately unlike what we expect a stray dog would do.

Instead, the dog took the food and immediately ran away to somewhere else. The guy who fed the dog got really curious so he decided to follow the dog to where it was going. It seemed as if the dog wasn’t just running away to some random place. It knew exactly where it wants to take the food.

The dog finally reached a backyard and slowly came to a stop. It turned back and looked at the guy who fed her the chicken, staring at him as if trying to figure out if she could trust him enough to show what she’s about to do with the chicken.

Finally, the dog caved in and approached sort of hidden place by the back yard. All of a sudden, we were surprised to see the dog dropping the chicken, and as soon as she does this, four puppies come out to enjoy the food.

Watch Video Here:

This guy thought he was giving a stray dog a treat — but she ran off with the food and led him to the sweetest surprise <3Credit: ViralHog

Posted by Viralized on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We now know that the dog was a mother and she wanted to take the food to her puppies. What a heartwarming thing to see and realize that motherhood encompasses human boundaries.

Source: Facebook / Viralized

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