Shop owner carefully sets up mousetrap to catch robber

Nowadays, thieves have gotten very smart when it comes to having different techniques and ways of st34ling money. Despite the presence of CCTVs and other surveillance devices, these robbers have found a way of going around them and still manage to achieve their plans.

But of course, store owners and other shops are also quick on their feet to develop new ways of protecting their hard-earned money. If CCTVs are not enough to provide them the security they need for their stores, they come up with creative ways to catch these thieves on the act.

Take for example the owner of this shop who has been rather viral on various social media platform because of his smart tactic in catching a woman’s misdemeanor. He probably had enough of these thieves and has probably experienced this incident one too many times. As a response, he devised a rather creative way to prevent them from taking money from his cash register.

This store owner carefully placed mouse traps inside the cash register so that anytime someone would attempt to take money from it, they would face the consequence of their unprincipled acts. True enough, he was able to prevent a woman from trying to take away his earnings for that day.

In the footage, we can see the woman standing in front of the counter of the store. She looked like she was trying to get the right timing to get some money from the drawer across her. As a cover, she pretended to be talking to somebody on the phone, but as she does this, her hand is also seen slowly inching towards where the cash drawer was.

The woman successfully got a hold of the drawer. She tried to locate the handle of the drawer without looking so that the owner would not be able to suspect that she was trying to st34l money. Finally, she was able to open the drawer.

She slowly placed her hand inside the drawer. In her head, she was probably rejoicing as she would be able to take what she wanted. But much to her surprise, it was the owner who will triumph over this situation.

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Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Monday, September 10, 2018

It was just a few moments when she jerked her hand out of the drawer. Apparently, her fingers had encountered the mouse trap and it did what it was supposed to do. The woman immediately took her hand out and did not attempt to take away some cash anymore.

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