17-year old Filipina gets standing ovation from X-factor judges with her rendition of Prince’s Purple Rain

Filipino people are known to be big players in the realm of performing arts. Time and again, we’ve had several Filipinos make a big name for themselves merely by showcasing their exemplary talents in their chosen field. From dancing, to cooking, and most especially singing, Filipinos have made a mark in the world of performers.

We’ve seen it happen many times before. Singers going up on stage in several talent competitions like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and even X-factor. The whole world has been wowed by the Filipinos’ world class talent when it comes to belting high notes and strutting it out on the dance floor while singing incredibly.

Along the names that come up are Jasmin Trias, Camille Velasco, Alisa Bonaobra, and of course the recent success of the all-girl group, 4th impact. All these Filipina women have proven their caliber when it comes to singing, and just as we thought that we’ve seen it all, Filipinas just keep on surprising us.

In another audition footage of X-factor UK, we are wowed by Maureen Laroco, a 17-year old girl from the Philippines. Not being new to the talent of the Philippines, Simon Cowell even excitedly joins Maureen in saying she’s “from the Philippines.”

When asked what drives her to be as passionate as she is about singing, Maureen tearfully answered that it’s been a dream of her to be an international superstar even when she was just little. She shares that this is what she loves to do and so she doesn’t mind travelling all the way to the UK to pursue her dreams.

Simon wishes her good luck and the moment the music played, Maureen’s face lit up as if this was something she’s been waiting to happen. She sang her own rendition of Prince’s Purple Rain. Her performance started out in a very mellow and subdued manner, as if taking the time for the right build up of notes.

A few moments into the song, the audience start clapping and even waving their hands in the air as Maureen perfectly reaches each note of the song. But this wasn’t all that she had up her sleeve. Towards the second chorus of the song, she started belting her heart’s content through the song and it was just beautiful.

Watch Video Here:

It was no surprise that she brought the house down with this performance, even causing the judges to get up on their feet to give her a standing ovation.

Source: Youtube / Manilaflash

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