Hero Firefighters Save Child Stuck in A Narrow Well

A person who is idolized and admired by many because of their bravery, noble acts and qualities, and outstanding achievements—this is the general definition of what heroes are. However, each person, depending on their walk of life has their own definition of what a hero is to them.

It’s funny how each stage of our lives our concept of what a hero is changes. As kids, we think of our moms and dads as the greatest heroes of our lives. The things they do for us appear to be incredible feats that only they can do.

As we move on to primary or elementary schooling, we get exposed to television shows, comic books, and video games, and our concept of heroes change. In our early stages of being a child, during our pre-teens, we think of super humans with special powers and capabilities as heroes. During this stage of our lives, we attribute and identify with the stories of these characters we see and read of.

And then we get higher education, and we are told of nationalistic stories and how people of the past, despite not having any super powers, were able to defend each of our countries from conquerors and foreign invaders. Once again, our view on heroism changes. At this point of our lives, what we consider as heroes are those who were able to do a great deal for our countries.


With the pattern of changes on how we view heroes, it seems as if people need to do something big or grand in order to be considered a hero. But if we examine the small details of our society, the tinier aspects of our day to day lives, we will realize that there are a lot of heroes around us that we don’t even notice.

Such is the case of these Chinese firemen who were able to rescue a kid stuck in a narrow well. The video has gone viral since it’s posting, and once you watch it, you will understand how heroic these firemen were just to save the child.

According to witnesses, the well used to be some sort of irrigation for a farm but has already been abandoned for quite some time. A kid who was innocently playing near the area unintentionally fell to it, feet first. But since the well was 26 feet without any ladders to climb, the kid was stuck inside it.

The firemen were quick to rescue the child, but it was not an easy thing to accomplish. Due to the well’s narrow opening, one of the firemen had to dive in head first just so they could pull the child out. It was indeed a r1sky act for the fireman but he didn’t mind as long as the child was gotten to safety.

True enough, we are surrounded by people who do acts of bravery and heroism everyday. We may not notice them all the time, but once we pay attention, we would see that a grand act is not necessary to make the world a better place.

Firefighters China saving a child trapped in a narrow well

A dramatic video! Firefighters China saving a child who became trapped in a narrow well 👍 👍

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