AMAZING: Woman Uses Flowing Water From River To Cook Roasted Chicken

Humans are inherently innovative. From living primitively to discovering fire, down to the invention of tools, we are innately resourceful. We observe the things around us and tinker with them until we find creative ways of assembling the materials in our surroundings into something useful and helpful for our daily lives.

Our innovations and inventions have led to the emergence of the ever evolving technology. These creations have made the present life we live a much more convenient and easy life. Almost everything now has a machine counterpart. From appliances that do your laundry, even to factory level machines that replace human labor, we have technology to answer for everything.

On the down side of it though, we have depended too much on these technological creations that we have probably forgotten our basic knowledge of things. This basic knowledge of how to do things manually could come in handy whenever our survival is put at stake.

What happens when we are removed of all these devices and machines? Will we be able to function with ease like how we do on our daily lives? Or will we rise above the situation and be even more creative to device something that can improve our situation?

This is exactly what we will see in this viral footage uploaded on Facebook by a netizen named Lynaci Ramsej. In the video clip, we see a woman create a chicken rotisserie from trunks of banana trees and dried twigs in the forest. What’s more amazing is how she harnessed the energy of the water current to make this roasting machine work.

First, we see her gather a huge banana trunk. She divides this trunk into several pieces having three huge chunks as its main parts. She connects the pieces together by p1ercing a wooden stake into them until she forms something that resembles a makeshift furnace.

Next, we see her gathering dried twigs and branches. We later on learn that some of these branches will be used as coal for the roasting. The other branches were attached to each other at the center to create something that would look like spokes of a wheel.

Finally, she dresses the chicken and sets it up in a stake that is attached to the previously mentioned wheel spoke. She uses the current of the flowing water to make the spoke turn which rotates the chicken as it cooks.

Watch Video Here:

Simply lang pala pag nag chicken grill 😆🍺🍻

Posted by Lynaci Ramsej on Thursday, July 12, 2018

It’s amazing how creative people can get. What can you say about this genius work by this lady? Share your thoughts!

Source: Facebook / Trendzilla

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