Modern Day Heroes Save Kitten From Being a Python’s Lunch

There’s no denying the fact that pets are among the biggest things in any social media platforms nowadays. Everyday, we run across videos of different pets on our news feeds, and they are surely good sources of good vibes and happiness for any one who would see them even if they don’ own pets.

Probably the most famous animals among all pets are dogs as they are good natured, loyal, and sometimes act as adorable kids running around the house. But except from dogs, cats are also one of the rather popular pets that we often see on various social media platforms.

Unlike dogs which are generally liked by many, cats are only liked by specific types of people. It probably has to do with cats’ temperament which are mostly considered by many pet owners to be not as friendly and kind as compared to dogs. They are always labeled to be these diva types of pets who know no masters.

People joke about cats as having no care in the world. There is just something about their eyes that emanate this feisty attitude. It’s like they can challenge you into a staring contest and they would win effortlessly as they can look you straight in the eye as if they don’t care about you at all.

But the question is, are these cats always as feisty and fearless as we think they are? Do they really not care about their surroundings and think that they can take on anything or anyone that gets in their way?

A viral video answers these questions as we see a kitten helplessly being turned into a python’s meal. In the footage, we see a black kitten being trapped by a python as it coiled around the kitten’s body. We all know where this would lead to—the kitten will be that snake’s lunch for the day.

Two brave men saw this incident and could not just give it a pass. They saw the kitten being in trouble, and though dealing with a python would be very challenging, it would be harder to just leave the kitten to its impending misf0rtune.

Watch Video Here:

Good Samaritan Saves Cat From Deadly Clutches Of Python


Posted by TestingTesting123 on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The two men dauntlessly try to rescue the kitten and at the end, they were successful to free it from the python. But what was surprising is that after they rescued the cat, it pounced on the very hands that rescued it. Maybe cats don’t really give a care after all.

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