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Brave Dog Jumps Into Water Drainage To Save Her Puppy

Time and again, we have proven that the concept of motherhood is not only confined among humans. While we always attribute this idea to our own mothers, we see from time to time that animals, though they are just acting by their instincts, also exhibit the greatness of being a mother.

We have seen many videos online honoring moms all over the world because of the things that they are willing to do for their children. It is no longer surprising for us to see news of mothers being willing to let go of their own wants and needs, sometimes even ri$king their lives for the welfare of their children.

Nothing else could be a more perfect display of motherhood than this viral video of a mother dog trying to save her pup. In the video, we can see a guy scooping water out of a drain hole on the ground, as the mother dog was being restless, pacing around the said hole.

Apparently, one of the dog’s puppies was trapped in a water drainage and she was worried how things would turn out. The dog kept on prancing around the owner who was clearly trying to make the situation better. It even tried to dig in front of the water drainage in an attempt to get to its puppy.

The owner is seen trying to take water out of the drain hole, but the dog didn’t seem to be convinced that it was improving the situation. It continued moving around with its worried looks. And then it started to stare at the hole, as if assessing the situation.

A few moments later, the dog bravely jumped into the drain hole to rescue her puppy. She gets in the hole and disappears from our sight for a few minutes. Not seeing the mother dog in the picture, you would also w0rry how things are doing for her. But after a while you would see her tail from the opening of the drainage.

Eventually, the dog was able to take the puppy out of the hole, but it was still in a rather unsound condition and had to be revived. The pet owner immediately took the puppy and placed it somewhere dry where he tried to revive it using his bare hands.

The video then cuts to a different scene where we are relieved to see that the puppy was actually taken to safety. It is now warm and dry, reunited with its other siblings under the care of their brave mother. True enough, motherhood really goes beyond human beings.

Watch Video Here:

This dog's puppies were trapped in a hole that was filling with water — and she did the bravest thing 🐶❤️ Credit: ViralHog

This dog's puppies were trapped in a hole that was filling with water — and she did the bravest thing 🐶❤️CreditViralHog

Posted by The Epoch Times Canada on Monday, May 21, 2018

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