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Guy Wears Mask, Pretends To Be Old Man Asking For Kisses Before He Departs

People say that what matters most in life is how we lived it. It does not matter if you’ve lived a long or short life as long as you lived it to the most fulfilling way it could. This means being able to do the things you wanted to do and pursuing those matters and dreams that you are passionate about.

We have a limited time on earth, so we have to make sure that we have lived life to the fullest before we permanently bid goodbye to the world. This is probably why, nowadays, people are more into travelling and going after their passions. They don’t want to just be making a living, they want to be able to really live.

A guy from a recent viral video probably took this very idea and decided to create a video out of it. The video has reached over 2.7 million views as of its posting and is continuously well-received by netizens from all over the world.

The video shows a middle-aged guy carrying some well-crafted mask that was made of prosthetics. He wore the mask and it made him look like an old man and went around the city carrying a placard that says, “Kiss me before I d1e.”

At first women were hesitant to pay attention to his sign board. There were a lot of them who either didn’t pay attention to him, or just had to reject and continued with what they were doing. This happened numerous times in the initial part of the video, and you would think that the guys won’t really get any kisses.

But a few moments into the video, we get surprised by the difference in reactions that we see. Further in the clip we could see that there were women who thought kissing the guy would actually do him a nice favor. They would first have a good laugh upon reading the man’s signboard, but then agree to give him a kiss.

Some gave him a kiss on the cheeks, others on his hand, and many gave him smooches on the lips. There was even a guy kissed his forehead. There were also women who were biking around the city and deliberately stopped just so they could offer a kiss.

This may be a very-light hearted video, but it does remind us that it’s never wrong to go to the fun side every once in a while. As the guy’s signage suggests, we better do the things we like while we are still able to.

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