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Real Life Spider Man Climbs Up Walls and Ceiling Inside His House

All of us had dreamed to become super heroes with super powers when we were kids. From the movies that we watch to the comics that we read, we’ve all been inspired to become one of those superhumans who fight villains in the most amazing ways possible.

We first see a kid in a Spiderman costume standing by the door. His dad stands behind him, smiling as though they were into something fun. Looking at the beginning of the video, you wouldn’t really know what to expect out of it. But once it starts, you will get a lot of laughing and entertainment from it.

The kid makes a hand gesture, the same as how Spiderman does it in the movies whenever he wants some string of web spitting out of his hand. The kid does this hand movement with both his hands and his dad lifts him up, making him look as if he was flying towards a wall in their house.

He gets to the wall and his dad supports him, holding him up so it could look like his hands and feet stuck to the surface of the wall. This was already entertaining to watch, but it gets even better afterwards. The kid starts crawling up the wall just like Spiderman. As the wall came to an end, he starts redirecting himself and crawls on the ceiling, all this time, his dad was holding him with both his hands.

The kid motions this gesture with his hands again and he flies off to another corner wall and sticks to it. You could hear people behind the camera, probably the boy’s mom and his grandma laughing as he and his father does this stunt. The boy crawls sideways on the wall, and then gestures with his hands again.

His dad makes sound effects with his mouth and flies him off to the other side of the room until he lands on the railings of the stairs. The boy clings to the railings while his dad was still holding his butt to support him and not fall to the ground.

There are really a lot of creative ways to bond with your family. It is awesome to see how this family, especially the dad, supports their kid’s dream of becoming a superhero. We wouldn’t be surprised if this kid grows up to be some big hero in his own respect.

Watch The Video Below:

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Posted by Christoph Koch on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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