This Cat Is Such A Picky Eater, Says No To Any Food It Is Fed

Most pets would always try to sneak in on us so that they could get food, no matter what the food is. If they smell that something is cooking, or that some type of food is on the table, they will try their hardest to get their mouths on it. Unless, of course, if your pet is a picky eater just like this cat.

At the beginning of a video, we see a grey cat with black spots all over his body. We’re quite not sure what its breed is but it’s sitting on a black couch, looking at its owner as he approaches the cat. From behind the camera, we see the owner stick out his hand holding a piece of chicken. He then offers it to the cat and we’re all surprised at how the cat reacts.

While most pets would grab on the chance of being offered any type of food, this cat is an exemption. It first moves towards the piece of chicken and then smells it. As if d1sgusted by the chicken, it moves its head away from the chicken and makes some facial expressions as if it was gagging. But maybe chicken is just not its cup of tea.

So the owner tries to feed it again. This time he offers the cat a different piece of meat that looked like it was dipped in some flavorful and savory sauce. Without even coming near to the cat’s nose, it does the same reaction right away as if it was not pleased with the smell of the food.

The owner was not ready to give up, though. He kept on offering the cat different types of food. He tried feeding it with some boneless chicken nugget, even served on a fork, but the cat just gags at the sight of it. Then he tried to bring it a slice of pizza. And what do you get? The cat tries to move away from its owner even before he could offer the food.

The owner tried to feed it the pizza anyway, and it just avoided the food and did the same gagging expression. It was also offered other kinds of food that all of us love munching on like a sausage, hotdog sandwich, and even a double down burger, but much to everyone’s surprise, the cat just keeps on avoiding the food and makes the gagging act over and over.

This only shows that not only humans have the privilege to say no to food. Even cats are now picky eaters. We wonder what kind of food it will actually say yes to. Does this remind you of a friend who’s a picky eater? Share this video to them and have a good laugh at it.

Watch The Video Below:

We all have a friend that is way too picky about their food😂

We all have a friend that is way too picky about their food😂

Posted by Daily Mail on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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