You Won’t Need Scissors If You Have A Friend With This Kind of Chin

In some parts of the world, people with this type of chin are being teased heavily. They are told that their chins are too pointy it could cut through paper. And as if turning around this joke, these girls tried to literally cut paper using one of their chins.

The video starts with what appears to be a dormitory room. In it were several clutters here and there, and judging from the looks of what was scattered around the area, you could tell that students lived in that space. We also see a group of three girls looking like they’re ready to take on some challenge.

One girl was wearing a blue tank top, black short shorts, and white flipflops. She wears her hair in a ponytail and was the only one facing the camera. You can also tell that she has a noticeably elongated face and a pointy chin. From the looks of it, she seemed like she was the subject of this challenge.

The other girls who were also at the scene was wearing a blue blouse and denim shorts, while the other was wearing a white shirt and a black pair of short shorts as well. As it appears, the challenge was for the girl in the pony tail to cut through the paper using only her chin.

The girl in the blue blouse stretches out her hands as she holds a piece of paper. She holds the sheet with both her hands and does so in a way that the paper was stretched with just enough tension. The girl in the light blue tank top then tries to gain momentum, cranks her neck back and rushes toward the paper, chin first.

Of course the paper was torn into two pieces and the first part of the challenge was successfully done. The girls are seen cheering and screaming as if they won the lottery. Probably a cheer out of the excitement brought upon by the accomplishment of the first challenge. But this was not enough for the girls. The same lady who was on the blue blouse held out another sheet of paper.

The girl tries to step back so she could do better than the first try. She zooms in towards the paper, again chin first, and by some work of magic, she splits the paper in half through a perfectly straight cut. Even they couldn’t believe that she was able to do that.

As they say, three times the charm, so they tried it for the third time. The last attempt resulted to a rather funny ending as the girl in white held out the paper, and was probably not holding it correctly. The ending, the girl in the tank top was able to cut through the paper but not as perfectly as the first two.

At the end of the video, they all just laugh it off, looking satisfied with what hilarious feat they’ve done.

Watch The Video Below:

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Posted by Judith Omandam Abil on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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