Husband Slaps Wife While Sleeping In An Attempt To Do A Prank, Ends Up Getting What He Deserve

A hilarious video of a couple has circulated online due to the funny nature of the clip. In it, the guy tries to prank his wife but ends up getting a taste of his own prank.

During the first part of the video we see a simple room with a metal framed bed. The walls had colorful curtains on the side and the bed was wrapped in a bed sheet with a floral pattern. We can also see a couple soundly sleeping beside each other.

They were under a blue colorful flannel blanket, but their upper bodies were not covered, enough for us to see that the guy was wearing a printed sleeveless shirt and blue jersey shorts, and the woman was wearing a brown tank top.

Shortly after the start of the video, the guy wakes up and gets up from his initial position. He sits on the bed and looks at his wife. As if planning to do something to prank his wife, he gives her a m1schievous look and tries to check if she was fast asleep by touching her cheeks.

Learning that she was in deep sleep, he flashes a smile and does what he has apparently planned. He rubs his hands together and licks it. Afterwards, he poses for a large swing and his hand lands forcefully on his wife’s cheeks.

Of course, with the impact of his hands, the wife gets awaken from her sleep in a shocking way. As soon as his wife gets up, the guy pretends to be dreaming acting as if he was making these bold and big moves in his sleep. He does this to make his wife believe that the hand that landed on her face was not intentional.

The wife, being a loving and loyal partner, attended to the guy and tried to calm him down. She even ends up hugging her and eventually falls asleep again. The guy didn’t seem to be satisfied with the initial thing he did so he repeats the act and lands another hand on his wife’s cheek. The wife, however, seemed to have lost patience with him as she just lets him be this time.

The guy does it for a third time but the woman wasn’t having any of it anymore. She decided to turn the tables and let the guy have a taste of his own prank. As soon as the guy does this for the third time, the wife holds out a gun and sh0ots him on the leg.

We’re sure the guy learned his lesson not to mess with his wife after this incident. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments.

Watch Video Here:

Ang paghihiganti ni misis! haha!© Arvin Christopher Martin

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